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Payment and Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

The buyer agrees to pay all costs and expenses which may be incurred by Stratus Mechanical Services LLC in collecting any account owed by the buyer including attorney’s fees, process server fees, court costs and costs associated with filing a Mechanics Lien. This agreement including all of the equipment and materials are contingent upon strikes, accidents, or delays beyond our control. A finance charge of 18% APR will be added on all accounts over 30 days. EnergizeCT Instant Rebates are included in the overall cost of the project unless otherwise stipulated. Rebates are for Eversource and UI customers. See for more information.


One year limited Workmanship Warranty for equipment and material purchased by Stratus Mechanical Services LLC and work performed by the same. The Warranty does not apply in the case of a fuel or electrical outage or damage caused by electrical outage, brownout, surge or spike conditions including the direct or indirect effects of lightning strikes, fire, flooding, damage due to physical abuse, or vandalism. The Warranty does not include the cost of repairs due to contaminated fuel (oil, LP gas, natural gas), including but not limited to clogged oil lines, oil filters, pump strainers, oil nozzles, inoperable or damaged gas regulators and gas piping damaged after installation start-up, in which case parts and labor costs will apply to the repairs.  The Warranty does not apply to the replacement of air filters or the affects of a plugged  or damaged air filter.  The Warranty does not apply to preventive maintenance services.  The Warranty does not apply to boiler or domestic water parts that fail prematurely  due to poor water quality or a system containing anti-freeze/glycol . 

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