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Beckett Oil Burner

Residential Oil Burner Service

We offer one of the most comprehensive oil burner tune-ups available that will keep your furnace or boiler running efficiently, safely and reliably.  Just 1/16th of an inch build-up of debris on a heat exchanger can reduce the combustion efficiency by about 4%.  A dirty or plugged oil filter, pump strainer or burner nozzle can negatively affect the flame characteristics resulting in a sooty heat exchanger.  A yearly tune-up can also prevent an inconvenient breakdown.     

Services performed (if applicable):


  • Inspect and clean the heat exchanger

  • Clean the vent pipe and chimney base

  • Inspect the combustion chamber

  • Replace the oil filter*, pump strainer and nozzle

  • Inspect the burner retention head

  • Check the oil pump pressure

  • Test the ignitor operation

  • Clean the cad cell eye

  • Test the primary control safety time

  • Inspect the system fan blower (furnaces)

  • Replace the air filter (customer provided)

  • Perform combustion test and adjustment

  • Same location multiple equipment discount



*$10.00 additional charge for 

spin-on type oil filters 


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