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Mini-Split Heat Pumps 

Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems have become a popular solution to providing highly efficient heating and air-conditioning to homes and businesses.  One of the reasons for their popularity is likely to be utility rebates that can help make it affordable for qualifying customers.  We are affiliated with the EnergizeCT Heat Pump Installer program.  Last year we helped home-owners and business owners get $1000s back in utility rebates. 


Mini-split heat pump systems come in many different configurations. Most people are familiar with wall mount units but there are other options such as floor mount units, ceiling cassette units and air handling units for ducted systems. Multi-zone heat pumps allow you to mix different types of indoor units. 


Another common option is to use a mini-split heat pump as a primary heating source, while keeping the existing heating system as the secondary source.  This setup could be used in larger spaces where the heat pump doesn't have enough heating capacity on the really cold days. 


Or you could use this setup if you chose to go with a smaller, more affordable heat pump system.  This is especially practical if the existing heating system is newer or already a high-efficiency type system. 

If you're interested in receiving more information on how mini-split heat pump systems can lower your energy costs while increasing comfort, Contact Us.

You can also check out EnergizeCT for more information on Utility Rebates and other financing options that you may qualify for.

Fujitsu Ductless Heat Pump System


Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette


Fujitsu Floor Mount Unit


Fujitsu Airhandler


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